Kim K Caught Photoshopping Her Beach Body

Kim Kardashian, aka the hottest woman alive photoshop or not, is in hot water again after being exposed as a notorious ‘shopper of instas.

Now, this isn’t the first time Kim has done this (and def won’t be the last) as she was recently exposed for photoshopping out a bump in her ponytail (and honestly…I get it…), but this is by far the stupidest instance considering that the original, untouched nude beach shot was leaked not by 4chan internet trolls or intrepid young journalists but by a little show you may have heard of called Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

You see, on Tuesday, Kim shared a very sexy pic on her app of her pre-pregnancy bod naked and oily in the desert. You know, run of the mill Kim K stuff. Only problem was fans of the show (of which there are roughly 4.67 million) will remember the behind-the-scenes footage from this shoot which aired on KUWTK back in may in which Kim looked, well…a little different.

And now people are pissed because people are always pissed at Kim for something and this was admittedly pretty dumb. Personally, I photoshop all my instas to look like I’m just one thin strip of wheat blowing in the wind so I can’t personally blame her.

You do you, Kim. Just maybe don’t air your pre-photoshopped images on your hugely popular reality television show. 


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