Kim K Did A Barbie Photoshoot, Because Why Not?

If you haven’t been on the App Store recently, the entire Kardashian family has been hard at work creating their own apps. That’s right, you can download “Kim,” or “Kendall,” or even “Khloé,” and the craziest thing about this is that you have to pay for them!  You might be wondering “what fabulous content do I get for my hard-earned money?” Well, it seems like the answer is mostly throwback photos and makeup tutorials. Fun stuff, sure, but perhaps not worth a subscription.

The other day, Kim shared photos on her app of a photoshoot that she did back in 2009. In the main photo, Kim has platinum blonde hair which she swears isn’t a wig, but we’re pretty skeptical. She claims it was the first time she’d ever dyed her hair, but she went to middle school in the ‘90s so that’s pretty questionable. It’s vintage Kim, and she’s wearing a skintight leotard/swimsuit while basically humping a dude with equally blonde hair. So much has changed!!

Btw, if you’re still wondering whether you should subscribe to any of their apps, the answer is NO.


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