Kim Kardashian Had A Pajama Themed Baby Shower This Weekend

Kim Kardashian had a pajama party over the weekend to celebrate her second pregnancy. The affair was a catered lunch where guests all wore matching sets of pajamas, including a very pregnant Kim and a somewhat awkward Caitlyn and Kris.

Notably present is Khloe, even amidst Lamar’s health struggle at a nearby LA hospital. Cara Delevinge also posted this shot of Kendall and her cuddling with a dog, so apparently she was there too. Oh and Serena Williams, because why not.

The whole thing seemed to be a family affair, with the whole family in attendance, minus Rob.

This shower means that Kim is pretty pregnant and soon North will have a younger brother and we can all guess what ridiculous name he’ll get. East? South? Kompass rose? Only time will tell.


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