Kim’s New Baby’s Name Is…

Please, that information isn’t out yet. TBH, they haven’t even decided. Because their baby naming strategy is to not think about what they’re going to name their baby.

Kim confessed that Baby North didn’t have a name for like, seven days. In regards to naming this new baby boy, Kim said “I feel like it will just come to us.”

Being pregnant seems to be an extremely taxing task. Kim’s like super busy and has had no time in the last nine months to consider the tiny alien human growing in her stomach.

Even Mason and Penelope Disick have started suggesting names. Get your shit together Aunt Kim. North offered a suggestion as well – Baby Brother. Hey, it’s a start.

Shockingly, powerful names like Legend and Saint are contenders in the “Name Baby West” game. Because, you know, Kanye couldn’t produce anything less.

Honestly, I think they should just name the baby Bruce and call it even. 


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