Kim Kardashian Emerged From Hiding To Attend Kanye’s Concert

Ever since the alleged Paris robbery of Kim Kardashian she’s been hiding in her various homes and apartments, like a Where’s Waldo of million-dollar real estate. But this week she took a break from her social media and regular media exile to attend Kanye’s concert in LA, because nobody can resist singing along to “Famous”. She went to the concert with Jonathan Cheban and Kourtney, but refused to appear in any of their social media posts. If this had happened two months ago, I would’ve just assumed she hadn’t had time to contour that day.

Apparently, Kim’s mini-military of security guards surrounded her the entire time. Tbt when she dated her Australian bodyguard for half of a KUWTK episode. But even more interesting, the KUWTK film crew was also at the concert filming Kourtney and Jonathan but not Kim. I’m not sure if this means she and KUWTK are on a break, if she’s quitting the show, or if this was just an artistic choice. Whatever it is, I need answers fast because I refuse to watch an episode of just Khloé and Kourtney working out, Rob whining about his weight, and Kris doing whatever the fuck she does in her home office. 


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