Spoiler Alert: Kim Is The Bread Winner In The West Household

Plot Twist of the Century: Turns out Kanye West wrote Gold Digger about himself. During one of his weekly Twitter rants, Kanye announced that he’s poor as shit, which explains why a pair of Yeezy’s is so fucking expensive.

Apparently, he’s $53 million in “personal debt” whatever that means. Like, does that mean separate from what he’s made from his brand and music or separate from his and Kim’s joint income or separate from how much money he had before he had to pay Amber Rose to stop talking about his asshole? He earned $30 million last year, so he must spend money like Julie Cooper. Maybe he should stop buying Kim walls of roses.

This is why he and Kim have been living with Kris. Because they can’t afford to buy their own house, even though Kim pays a hairdresser to put her hair in a glorified pony tail. How upset is North West now that she’s been going through all of this shit and she doesn’t get an inheritance?


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