Kim Jong Un Got a Pauly D Style Haircut

Who would have thought that two of the world most famous Kim's (and sufferers of narcissistic personality disorder) would get haircuts within 12 days of each other? Obvi Kim K was a little late and a few inches too long to the short hair party. Kim Jong-un just looks like an Asian Pauly D who only shops at the Army Navy store and is addicted to Kalteen Bars.

It's pretty ironic that one of the only North Koreans with enough internet access to actually be aware enough that his new hair do is fugly still decides to reach for the gel anyway. It also appears that Kimmy either a) missed the 'eyebrows are in memo, or b) that he went a little far with the notched eyebrow look that was so popular amongst the boys in high school that still live in their parents basements.

Due to the fact that any North Korean citizen suspected of not believing that Kim Jong-un descended from the sun is likely in one of the countries many prison camps, it's not rocket science that no one is ballsy enough to break the news to Kimmy that the new cut isn't exactly flattering his nearly perfectly circular face shape. In reality, Kim Jong-un probably feels neglected by the free world ever since everyone realized that The Interview sucked and stopped paying attention to him.


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