These 10 Winter Coats Will Make You Warm, Chic, and Skinny AF

Last I checked, being ~cold~ is not an excuse for looking bad or like an unfashionable monster. So, betches, throw away those hideous puffer coats that make you look like you’re going to audition for a movie adaptation of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and get your shit together because *Jon Snow voice* winter is coming.

This winter really, seriously, look deep inside yourself and ask, “what’s the point of being hot if you don’t look it?” Because, tbh, I really can’t answer that. All I really know for certain is that frostbite is going to be totally worth it when the Insta likes hit triple digits. But for the less committed, here are 10+ killer coats that’ll keep your body temperature adequate while your style stays ice cold. 


The Parka

This windproof, usually green but not always, warm-as-fuck jacket is best paired with black skinny jeans. Adding any more green will make you look like Cadet Kelly or the Grinch. You could also pair this jacket with a black beanie and chanel your inner ‘Yonce, it’s really up to you.   


Silence + Noise Jacquie Sherpa Parka | Parka Khaki Coat 


The Meanswear Coat

This is the type of coat we see on Kim and Kylie the most. Oddly enough, this coat makes you think of white stuffy business men going into work and not curvy chicks who are into black guys but I digress, these coats are v chic.  

Double Breastd Wool Camel Coat | Sleeveless Wool Maxi Coat


The “Colorful” Coat

These coats are incredible for splashy entrances. When you emerge from the Uber hours late for plans, everyone waiting in the cold will know it’s worth it and fall to their knees (not just from frostbite).


Just Female Wool Coat | Neon Rose Get Shaggy Coat 

Faux Fur Coat

YASSS QUEEN! This is the most glamorous coat and not everyone can pull it off. Be wary of red lipstick and a fur coat because you will def look like a baby prostitute. Or worse, a regular prostitute. 

Longline Fur Coat in Gray | Patchwork Faux Line Coat

Coats That Will Actually Keep You Warm

Some days you’re champagne and caviar and other days you’re Diet Coke and Tic Tacs, but that’s ok too. These coats are perfect for the days it’s below below and your Insta feed is filled with 0 degree screenshots.  The scientific term, I believe, is cold as balls. Canada goose and puffer jackets are your best bet, and you will just have to hide that smoking hot body ’til spring. 

Canada Goose Coat | J. Crew Puffer Jacket

Also try Collection Nylon Parka or if you are fancy af Burberry Belted Wonderlay.

Stay warm this winter, betches. Warm hands, cold hearts. Can’t lose.


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