Kylie, Kendall, And Khloé Prank A Tour Group

Any of you who are under 21 probably don’t even remember the Kardashians from like 2007-2010. They were crazy. They were way sluttier, way funnier and overall way more out of kontrol then they are post-Kanye. So I have to say that it is so refreshing to see them pranking one of those Hollywood bus tour groups.

So first, we have to talk about their costumes. Of course even their ugly costumes are legit—they look like movie set quality costumes. Like if I saw Khloé or Kendall I defs would not have known it was them. However, in typical Kylie fashion, you could obviously tell it was her.

You would, Kylie.

Then they proceeded to troll the tour group. Exhibit A:


I mean “Kartrashians”? I can’t even. Khloé basically just said what we have all thought to ourselves at some point. Finally, some excitement. 

Seriously, the latest KUWTK season was just them complaining about their success and going on more sponsored vacations, which, unlike that time Kim lost a diamond earing in the ocean, are drama-less.

I was sure that with both Kourtney and Khloé single at the same time, we would’ve seen some good ole 2000’s-style Kardashian gallivanting. But maybe I’m just out of touch and should be looking to Kylie and Kendall for that type of entertainment? Bottom line, they need to do more shit like this.


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