Tristan Thompson Dumped Khloé Kardashian Because He’s A Fuckboy

It’s not exactly news that Khloé Kardashian loves herself an NBA player. Look, I don’t blame her. They’re tall, usually at least somewhat hot, and always very rich. Her most recent baller bae was Tristan Thompson who plays for the Cavs, which means nothing to except he lives in a state that voted Trump and is probs besties with Lebron. But like all promising relationships, 2016 killed that shit before it even started. Why? Because Tristan Thompson is a little bitch who didn’t like dating someone more famous than him, that’s why.

Boy Bye

Apparently, he called things off because his teammates started calling him Tristan Kardashian. Seriously? That’s why you break up with a hot multimillionaire girl with a killer ass and who’s hilarious? Are you sure this guy is a basketball player and not some kind of Rhodes scholar or something?

If you follow him on Instagram (so none of us, tbh) you probs noticed he deleted all his pics with Khloé in them. Such a fuckboy move. But being the Kardashian she is, she social media power played the fuck out of him and posted a Gram of herself looking fire and tagged him as her ass.

Khloé Kardashian ass

LOL. I don’t care what anyone says—the Kardashians are fucking brilliant. 


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