Khloe Thinking About Filing Restraining Order Against LamLam

Poor Khloe and Lamar, if any two people deserve a time machine, it’s them. Look at how perfect they were back in 2009. Does anyone even remember that they got married exactly a month after MEETING each other? And even planned the wedding with only a WEEK in advance? How times have changed.

The latest update in this real-life-precursor to next season’s reality TV is that Khloe is thinking about getting a restraining order against Lamar because he is apparently spiraling out of control once again.

Having only recently recovered after a serious dance with death at a cocaine-covered Vegas brothel, it has been reported that he has been seen out and about at bars in LA. According to Perez Hilton, it has also been reported that he has been harassing Khloe with drunken calls and texts threatening all kinds of crazy stuff.

Poor Khloe, Khloe and Lamar is definitely still in my top 3 of the KUWTK spin offs!




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