Khloé Kardashian Is Divorcing Lamar Odom …Again

Shocker. Khloé Kardashian is filing for divorce for a second time from prostitute-visiting and drug-abusing husband Lamar Odom. Bet ya didn’t see this one coming.

Khloé cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason her marriage failed. I’d like to counter with the argument that everything the Kardashian Klan touches turns to shit, and this aptitude for general destruction likely played a role in their marriage’s doom, but I digress.

As you may remember, Khloé first filed for divorce back in 2013. Her divorce proceedings were nearly completed, but then Lamar did what any rational Kardashian ex-lover would do: overdosed in a Nevada brothel. So naturally, Khloé called off the divorce proceedings to milk the publicity care for her dear husband.

But of course, according to TMZ, Khloé claims it was never about getting back with Lamar, it was just about protecting him while he’s recovering. Klassic Khloé, a real role model!

Now she’s dumping his sorry ass again because he’s drinking, which I imagine is necessary to deal with the Kardashian general aura of societal degradation. Lucky for us, a divorce filed in California cannot become final until six months after the filing date. So we’ll be inundated with Khloé + Lamar 4ever! (for the next six or so months).

Fucking hell.


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