The Kardashians Can’t Stop Fucking Up Photoshop

So, remember the dozen or so times Kim Kardashian got called out for photoshopping her Instagram pictures, because the only way to save humanity at this point is for Earth to hurtle into the sun? Turns out she’s not alone. Khloe, alternately known as the “chill,” “cool” “healthy” or “most likely to get shot by a hunter during moose season” Kardashian sister, decided to show the world that, yes, she definitely waxes her pubes. But the internet, being what it is, noticed something:

She photoshopped her fucking thigh, which by all appearances looks like a perfectly healthy thigh. When confronted with this, did she back down and laugh it off? Haha, yeah right, their dad gave himself cancer for a reason.

“The petty movement ain’t cute,” says the woman who PHOTOSHOPPED A BATHROOM SELFIE. She actually got mad at people for noticing her bullshit! The crazy thing is, it looks like she photoshopped her thigh to make it look BIGGER, not smaller. Why would you even do that? Did she think that bigger thighs would make her waist look smaller by comparison? I thought that’s what her bullshit waist trainer was for! Did she think that, maybe, enlarging her thighs would dispel the rumors that she got butt implants? Because seriously, you don’t sprout a butt that big without getting tree trunk thighs, too. At least she still has her talk show.


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