Kevin Jonas Is Now A Contractor on RHONJ (What?)

Kevin Jonas – the married one – is currently working as a contractor as in he builds houses. I'm just so confused. Regardless of the Jonas Brother's talent level, they made bank so why the fuck is Kevin doing DIY projects professionally now? Maybe he's trying to stage a comeback with his own pathetic version of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey's hard hitting journalism revealed Kevin's new career and Rosie bitched him out. Like it's weird as shit that Kevin thinks he's a contractor because he knows what a hammer is, but at least he's doing something with his life. Can't say the same for Joe. Also, why the fuck is Kevin living in New Jersey?

I feel like you have to be talented to be a contractor, at least have a certain knowledge base. Watching your groupies set up your stage design before a concert does not equate to knowing how to build a house. Serious question: Who is willing to let Kevin build their house just so I can see how it turns out??

Source: Buzzfeed


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