There’s Now A Keurig For Tortillas, So You Have No Excuse To Not Eat Tacos Every Day

People disagree on everything these days… Hillary or Trump. To Brexit or nah. But the one thing we can all agree on is that tacos are fucking delicious. In fact, if you ever meet someone who wants to argue about that, you need to run because that is an irrational person and they are not to be trusted.

But as much as I love all tacos, I’d be lying if I said the ones I make at home are even close to as good as the ones at the taqueria down the street. Probably because the $1.99 pack of tortillas I get at Publix is garbage.

Well now, some genius kickstarter campaign has invented Flatev, which is pretty much a Keurig but for tortillas instead of coffee. Am I dreaming rn?

Nope. This shit is real. So here’s how it works: You just buy these little tortilla pods that come in either corn or flour and different flavors like cinnamon or chili, then put it in the machine. You pick your crispy level depending on if you’re a hard or soft taco person (#TeamSoftTaco), push a button and BAM! Fresh organic tortillas!

I’m literally smiling at my computer screen like an idiot because this makes me so happy.

There’s a catch though. They’re not set to officially launch until next summer, which is lame AF because I will have forgotten about this by then. The other thing is that it’ll cost you $437, which is kinda expensive and also a really specific number. But I spend that in like three months on tacos tbh so I’m totally still getting one.


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