Kesha Is Taking A Much-Needed Vacation

Kesha has had an incredibly rough week two years, so it’s really about time that she took some time for herself. After her devastating court ruling last week, she’s now in Turks and Caicos with her boyfriend Brad Ashenfelter. Our heart goes out to Kesha, and obviously her problems are something a vacation can’t fix, but if anyone deserves some rest and relaxation it’s her. Here’s hoping she comes back from vacation with renewed energy to fight for her rights, because God knows we need some new music to pregame to. If this Instagram is to be believed, there might be some new Kesha bangers on the horizon soon. I don’t want to get too prematurely excited but YASSSS. Continue to #PrayForKesha.



can’t sleep. just up all day all night writing. my mind is possessed. I have so much to say right now.

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