The Collab Nobody Asked for, Kesha And Taylor Swift, Might Happen

Since Taylor Swift has dated and broken up with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston in the past 6 months, we knew she was gathering material for her next album. Gigi Hadid also dropped the bomb that Tay was “back in the studio,” working on her new album. Simultaneously, Kesha started posting pics to Insta about a new song she’s recording with a “casual Grammy award-winning secret someone.”

Naturally the internet launched into a new theory that this is proof Kesha and Taylor are collaborating. The incontrovertible proof is that Kesha is wearing the same headphones Taylor has been seen wearing and her Insta post featured 13 emojis, which is Taylor’s lucky number. This investigative journalism is about as solid as Taylor’s last relationship. Boom.

The theory could be right, but to quote Mariah Carey, “I’m not sure how it would sound.” Like, Kesha’s music is the equivalent of you blacking out on a Friday night and waking up to glitter-clogged pores and missing shoes. Taylor’s music is either the first week of cuffing season or the Sunday Scaries. Tbh I’m intrigued.

But if our biggest clue is that Kesha is collabing with a Grammy winner, I’m hoping that it’s Barack Obama.


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