Kesha’s New Band Has A Disgusting New Name

If you haven’t been paying attention for a while, Kesha’s life sucks pretty bad right now. Her contract says she can only record new music with Dr. Luke as her producer, but Kesha says Dr. Luke sexually assaulted her, so she obviously isn’t really feeling that work vibe anymore. So, instead of recording new music, Kesha has found a new way to keep busy: performing.

Over the weekend, Kesha took to the stage in Nashville with a new band “The Yeast Infection,” which sounds like a terrible name for a band because it is. They played acoustic versions of a bunch of Kesha’s hits, as well as covers of other stuff. No offense to The Yeast Infection, but we’re really hoping Kesha can make new music soon, because we need something that we can pregame to. 

Source: EOnline


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