Kerry Washintgon Is Pissed She Got Photoshopped

We love a good celeb Photoshop mishap. Like that one Britney had a few weeks ago, #hilarious. But when it is a magazine doing the photoshopping rather than the celebrity themselves, everyone seems to get all up in arms about it. The subject of this week’s Photoshop scandal is Kerry Washington.

In her recent AdWeek cover, she is almost unrecognizable. Like seriously, look at these two photos of her side-by-side and see for yourself.


If you’d never seen Scandal you would definitely think these were two different actresses.

But I mean, how betchy of a problem is this? She is already a famous actress, who is well recognized as being gorgeous AF and she is complaining that a huge magazine photoshopped her into having a perfectly lit, casual RBF. Not exactly the worst problem you could have in this world. However, I feel ya Kerry, must be weird to see a face that you know is supposed to be you but looks nothing like you.


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