SCANDAL: Kerry Washington Accused Of “Cultural Appropriation” (By Idiots)

Excessive political correctness is like pornography: You know it when you see it because it makes blood start rushing to different areas. While I cannot fucking stand the sorts of people who lament the “PC police” (“hurr durr, people get mad when I say mean things!”), sometimes there are people who have too much time on their hands who take up a “cause” that couldn’t be less important if it was a GoFundMe started by Kylie Jenner to have a fleshlight made in the likeness of her butt.

Take Kerry Washington, for example, the hot lady on that Scandal show that I’ve never watched. She went to see what feels like the 483rd movie made about Steve Jobs since he died (her first mistake!), and inexplicably, she liked it. She took to twitter to voice her approval:

Seems innocuous enough! Maybe she didn’t actually like the movie (since she only praised the acting), but Kate Winslet is definitely her spirit animal, whatever the fuck that means. Apparently, it means an awful lot to… someone.

If you ever wondered what the online equivalent of someone who desperately needs to smoke a bowl and rub one out looks like, this is it. Apparently saying “spirit animal” is tangentially derogatory to Native Americans, even though no it’s fucking not and these people have zero chill. Because actual torture is more bearable than receiving reply after reply that begins with “Well actually…” Kerry chose to apologize instead. Weak.

“Cultural appropriation” seems like a term specifically dreamed up by “social justice warriors” to make the PC police crowd froth at the mouth. The problem is, unlike “reverse racism,” it can be real. Wearing your hair in braids, for instance, isn’t cultural appropriation – but acting as though it was something you and your white friends had the good sense to invent probably is. It’s fine (and dweeby and ridicule-worthy) if you’re into anime or whatever the fuck, but once you start getting weirdly into Asian chicks, you’ve probably crossed the Rubicon into cultural appropriation.

Calling someone who you feel gets you or shares you “vibe” your spirit animal, however, is not. For one, “spirit animal” isn’t even a real fucking thing – according to Wikipedia (the world’s most reliable academic source), there exist either “power animals” or “spirit guides.” Beyond that, it’s not like this is even the most egregious example of insensitivity. I follow the word “God” with “fucking dammit” multiple times per day – if cultural sensitivity is something we’re concerned with, we have a long way to go.

Thanks a lot, do-gooders of twitter. Thanks to red herrings like these, the Washington NFL team will probably be called the Redskins until the Sun explodes and consumes us all.

H/T BuzzFeed


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