Kentucky Police Issue a Warrant For Elsa From Frozen’s Arrest Because It’s So Fucking Cold

People in Kentucky got royally fucked by winter this week. Since they're not used to snow/ice/cold, nobody knew what to do (what's your excuse Boston??). Naturally, the next step would be to sue Elsa for being a bitch. Like no joke, the Kentucky Police issued an “all points bulletin” for Elsa's arrest. The whole thing was supposed to warn people to stay inside during the storm, but a bunch of people thought the police were actually going to spend money on finding an animated character instead, so the police department had to apologize. Democracy at its finest.

But seriously, it's cold as fuck. Did Elsa get dumped? Is she PMSing? Did Anna not ask to borrow her blue dress? Have your ubers lined up and get a thick alcohol blanket on this weekend betches.


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