2,000 Kentucky Teens Lose Their Shit Over After-Christmas Sales

If you’ve been wondering why The Purge wasn’t a real thing, you might want to head to Kentucky ASAP. On the day after Christmas, a mall outside of Louisville had to be shut down after 2,000 people broke out into brawls and rioting. Literally two fucking thousand people. Police came to the scene after there were “disturbances” reported, but the situation had quickly deteriorated into tons of different fights.

“Business were in the process of closing their doors, steel grates, and you had juveniles that were not allowing businesses to close up – they were climbing on the grates.”

It’s easy to forget that this man is describing actual people and not Planet of the Apes, but this actually happened. It’s unclear how the whole situation actually got started, but people in Kentucky are apparently pretty serious about their after-Christmas sales. Just remember ladies, there is nothing at Banana Republic worth punching another woman for.


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