2015’s Most Popular Model Is Not Surprising

Here’s some news that literally won’t rock the boat whatsoever. Kendall Jenner is Tumblr’s most re-blogged model of 2015.

Considering Kendall’s hair/hearts/zen instagram photo is the most liked photo of oh I don’t know, ever, fucking duh she took this crown. ‘Bout time.

But what about Gigi and Cara, you say? Kendall beat out those fuckers and left them in the Tumblr dust. Because that’s what friends are for. Taylor Swift must be SOOO proud.

Most of the captions and comments on all reblogs say bizarre and random things like “QUEEN KENDALL” and “I DIE/LIVE/AM PLANNING TO HOST HER FUTURE CHILDREN.” And it’s like, Kris, relax. We know you’re a #proudmama. No need to spam Tumblr.

Anyway, good job, Kendall. Proud of you for being pretty. It must have been really hard for you to overcome being related to your mom and sisters. xo.



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