Kendall And Kylie Are Getting Their Own iPhone Game Because, Of Course

Put an extra phone charger in your purse now, because Kendall and Kylie Jenner are coming out with a new iPhone game that’s sure to drain your battery in minutes. The young Jenners have been talking about having a game for like a year, but over the weekend, they actually posted a sneak peek, which is really just a picture of dumb cartoon versions of the two of them.

Details on what the game will actually be like are still scarce, but if it’s anything like Kim’s game, we’re sure to waste countless hours on it. In case the game isn’t completely done, we thought we’d contribute a few fun ideas:

1. Pick Your 1D Boyfriend Mini-Game: You’ll never make it in Hollywood without a boyfriend from One Direction. Zayn is obvi already taken by Gigi Hadid, but there are enough other choices.

2. An appearance by Willow Pape, who is a mythic bitch.

3. More energy. Kim’s game was fun, but the bitch was constantly fucking exhausted.

4. More outfits. No one is ever going to pay real fucking money for the clothes, so just give them to us.

5. Sophie’s Choice: Kris Jenner Edition. There’s a super big photoshoot, but only one daughter gets to do it! Who will Kris pick?? (It’s Kendall.)


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