Kendall Jenner Is Trying To Steal King Kylie’s Snapchat Throne

While Kendall Jenner stays busy flying all over the world to grab lunch with Karl Largerfeld and model for Estée Lauder campaigns, Kylie is like, ditching award shows and Snapchatting herself while driving. We all know Kylie is the Snapchat queen, but it looks like Kendall finally cleared her busy schedule to get her own public Snap.

The two were recently interviewed by E! News, where Kendall told the reporter she just got Snapchat. Kylie joked (but not really) that Kendall is trying to “steal her throne.” Kendall says she has to throw Kylie into her first Snaps to “use her” for followers, and Kylie just stands there like, “Fiiiine.”

I think that wig might be on too tight, Ky.


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