Kendall Jenner Might Have Gotten A Nipple Piercing

Last week at the ESPYs, Kendall wore a black dress that seemed to show two metal balls attached to her left nipple. Photos of her look like they confirm that there is some sort of jewelry on her boob underneath her dress. 

That seems pretty out of character for Kendall “everyone is beautiful” Jenner, especially since she mentions how much of a “tomboy” she is in every KUWTK interview. She totally stole Kylie’s porn-star look, like this definitely would be something Kylie does for her 18th birthday as a present for Tyga. The whole thing is a mystery, and it’ll probs be forever until we find out for sure, considering that it took Kylie almost a full fucking year to admit she got lip injections.

Maybe Kendall and Cara Delevingne got matching nipple piercings on their latest CaKe adventure.


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