Move Over, King Kylie: Kendall Jenner Joined Snapchat

I fall into the minority of Snapchat users that would rather saw off my right arm 127 Hours-style than subject myself to inane 8 second videos of Kylie Jenner looking dead inside and tilting her head back and forth. But now, it appears that another Jenner is on board with the app, and unfortunately it’s not Caitlyn (would saw off my left arm for the opportunity to witness that though). Kendall, the admittedly less annoying and more successful human of the two Jenner sisters, has joined Snapchat. 

When asked how she feels about her siblings joining Snapchat, Kylie (the most watched person on the app) “joked” that “they’re all trying to steal my throne!” and then her eyes turned black, her head rotated 360 degrees, she puked something that resembled split pea soup, and a priest showed up??? It was super random lol. 

Anyway, the real question plaguing everyone’s mind now is how much terribleness can we expect from Kendall? How deep into narcissism will she go? As far as Kylie? Or somewhere more around Kim’s level? Will GiGi Hadid show up? What about Yolanda Foster? What about Yolanda Foster’s fridge? Her username is KendallJenner (ugh, so original Kendall!!!), so yeah, go add her and find out. 


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