Are Kendall and Harry Styles Finally Dating?

While Gigi was having a very family friendly holiday season with Yolanda in Aspen showing us all up at our messy hair game, it appears that Kendall was keeping up with the DeGeneres’. She was spotted on a yacht with Ellen, Portia and Harry Styles. I feel like this is not the typical #SquadGoals #squad, but whatever, I get it.

So anyway, are they finally fucking dating? Is Kendall ever going to date anyone? Vanity Fair has a source that says that “hanky panky” was not the main reason for the yachting, but hanky might have occurred, no one has denied that. So I say we go full paparazzi and say that Kendall is now preggers with a British baby. Sound good? Ok deal.

But for real, what does Kendall want? She’s a supermodel, he’s a British boy bander, it’s a match made in heaven (at least for a few weeks). But I feel like they are doing the public a disservice by toying with us like this. Vanity Fair said it best, “haven’t you heard of platonically yachting before?”


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