Kendall Jenner Copied Kylie and Khloe’s Lob

The only other Jenner/Kardashian that’s over 5 feet tall has now decided to get a lob too. Since her mother forced her to be on television in 2007, we haven’t seen Kendall Jenner with anything other than long hair. But now that’s all changed. The “reality star” pulled a Kylie circa her “I’m just lining my lips!” phase and a Khloe circa her “Lamar who?” phase, by chopping off her hair. Here’s some proof via her snapchat. 

Since all of the sisters except for Kendall have had lobs at one point or another it only makes sense that the lob would eventually find Kendall. Say lob one more time. The lob seems to be an on trend cut right now and it’s flattering for Kendall because it shows off her 45 pound frame. (That collarbone!) Good for you, Kendall.






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