Kendall Jenner’s Giving Her Supermodel Besties A Dumb Christmas Gift

Great news everyone! Kendall Jenner shared a “model-themed holiday shopping list” on her website. Which is going to come in SO handy. You know, when you’re out shopping for the supermodels in all of your own #sQuAds. The list was broken up into two categories: “model off-duty” gifts and “model on-duty” gifts. And if you’ve no clue how this benefits any one other than Taylor Swift, don’t worry. Kendall has no idea what’s going on either.

Amongst the extensive list, complete with shameless self promotion (“since I starred in CK’s campaign this year…”), was a fun little surprise for Kendall’s BFF’s. In the spirit of spoiling things, Kendall decided to share what she’s getting her “girls” — aka Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid — for Christmas. Friendship bracelets.


Because they are the three best friends that anybody could have and don’t you fucking forget it. 


I can see it all now. The three of them, sitting in a circle, holding hands, chanting #squadgoals #squadgoals #squadgoals, until they are interrupted by Karlie Kloss. Who comes in wearing a santa outfit and declares:

And none for Taylor Swift. Bye. 




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