Kendall Jenner Doesn’t Even Have Tidal, So You Shouldn’t Get It Either

While all of us normals have been struggling with whether or not to continue beyond the free trial of Tidal, it appears that this same debate is playing out amongst A list celebs—namely, Ye’s very own family.

This weekend marked the launch of Kendall and Kylie’s new money making scheme iPhone game. Both the girls took the opportunity to tweet a pic of the Kendall and Kylie game at the top of the app store charts. Kylie did this no problem via Insta. 



we are number 1 people!!!!!! #kendallkyliegame !!!!!!

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on


But when it came time for Kendall to tweet her humblebrag, people couldn’t help but notice one tiny difference between her and her younger sister’s screenshots. 



Do you see it? Look again. For Kylie’s Tidal app, the option reads “open.” Like a good girl, King Ky downloaded Tidal onto her phone, where I’m sure she plays her half-brother-in-law’s shit 24/7 as she drives around LA, windows down, screaming, “Wow this is great!!!!”

Unfortunately, Kendall hasn’t gotten around to it (in her defense, it is fashion week.) As the screenshot shows, Kendall has yet to adopt Jay Z’s red-headed stepchild (this is what I call Tidal—get on board). I guess between her jobs walking the runway for Victoria’s Secret and making faces at Cara Delevigne she just doesn’t have enough dough to shell out $20 a month to stream music you can stream for free elsewhere. 

As soon as the tweet dropped, fans were calling Kendall out left and right to point out her missing app (bc fans have no chill).


Oops. At least now we know for sure which Jenner is Kanye’s favorite, Puma deal and all.


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