Kendall Jenner Eats Cheeseburgers, Is A Fucking Liar

You know those annoying episodes of KUWTK where Kendall tries to be “relatable” by eating anything other than air? Well apparently she wants to highlight that part of her personality on her app too. She just published a piece called “The Best Burgers Across the Globe”.

Apparently, it is the new “thing” these days for supermodels to pretend that they eat food like the rest of us. Sorry Kendall (Gigi does this all the time and it is just as annoying), Chrissy Teigan has been eating food for years. She even published a cookbook and quit being vegan after 12 hours. So…you are not the only models who know how to eat.

Anyways, just in case you wanted to PAY for a half-Kardashian to tell you where to get burgers after your fashion shoot, little old Kendall can make that happen for you. 


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