Kendall Jenner Was Banned From Uber, Oopsies

Kendall Jenner, arguably the least monsterish spawn from Kris Jenner, is apparently a fucking nightmare in Ubers too. Stars! They’re just like us! According to older sister Kim’s snapchat story, Kendall Jenner was banned from the Uber app. But weirdly enough, they both don’t know why.

Kendall Jenner confused

Was she just a straight-up dick? Did she take too many mini bottled waters? Did she request that the Uber driver hold a flat surface in front of her while driving so she could do some lines with Gigi Hadid? Because I did that once except it wasn’t a flat surface it was a piñata I stole from my cousin’s party, and it wasn’t Gigi Hadid, it was my aunt. And I can still use Uber so she must have something truly, truly terrible.  

Kendall Jenner laughing

Maybe I don’t want to know what kind of deplorable behavior that a super rich model did in front of a low-income (sad) Uber driver. Maybe it’s better if we all don’t and we just go on pretending like the world is a fair place. Just a thought. 


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