Kelis Has Written a Cookbook

Our youth comes full circle today, because Kelis has authored a cookbook. Previously you knew the R&B singer for her hit single “Milkshake,” the awkwardly erotic song that somehow made its way into middle school dances, your mom’s car, and Mean Girls (hey Kylie!). She’s now teaching us how to cook yam souffle among other dishes, which is funny because based on everything I knew about her before, I always thought she’d make a great souffle. 

Kelis says food has always been a “big part of (her) life,” and that she picked up many recipes while touring internationally during her singing career. After ten years in the music industry, she enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu, the most prestigious culinary school in the world. She even titled her most recent album “Food,” which explains why we haven’t heard it at the clubs, and why I’m currently streaming it as we speak.

The recipes in “My Life On a Plate” include shredded beef sliders, vegetable buckle, chocolate chip cookies with sea salt potato chips, and goat cheese ice cream. Critics have hailed the book as serious, ambitious and joyful, which she’s probably tired of hearing after the reviews for “Milkshake.” Regardless, this is a great comeback for her and I can’t wait to find out WTF vegetable buckle is. 


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