Nicegirl Kayla Itsines Regrets Telling Girls They Need A Bikini Body

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or you naturally have a faster metabolism than Ariana Grande, you’ve heard of Kayla Itsines.

The betchy Australian trainer literally has 5 million Instagram followers, a hot boyfriend business partner, and abs chiseled by a higher power. Plus, her clients’ before and after pics will blow your mind and might actually make you consider taking a look at the workout plan. Just search #BBG on Instagram—this betch has created an empire around burpees and foam rolling, but it turns out she also has a shit-ton of regret.

Kayla’s workout has been called the Bikini Body Guide since it first came out years ago, but suddenly she’s not so into the self-conscious skinny girl image the name has created. In a recent Bloomberg article, Itsines shows another side to her sweaty success. Kayla admits, “Do I regret calling my guides Bikini Body? My answer is yes.”

What a surprise. I mean, Kayla’s all about peace and love (and avoiding lawsuits), so she decided to call her app Sweat with Kayla to get rid of the message that girls need a specific body type for a bikini. The article also calls Kayla out on making sure her image is “tightly controlled.” Apparently she turns down magazine photo shoots if she can’t control exactly how she’s portrayed. Like, shocker. A social media celebrity isn’t all smiles and neon Nike shorts.

Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.


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