Katy Perry’s Halftime Show Drove Beyonce Fans Crazy

Last night was Super Bowl 49, and it featured competitive gameplay, an amazing late-game catch that will probably be lost to history because of what happened next, and a lot of really sad Seahawks fans. Despite being one of the better Super Bowls in recent memory (and having the WORST commercials ever), people can’t stop talking about the halftime show. Not Katy Perry’s, the one from last night. Beyonce’s, which happened two fucking years ago.





That’s crazy! Not because Beyonce isn’t great, but because she was never part of the conversation to begin with! When I see someone make an amazing basketball play, I don’t say “that’s great and all, but he’s no Michael Jordan.” That would be weird, because enjoying one thing doesn’t negate the greatness of another.



I do not and cannot understand the Beyonce thing. Not why people like her, that's obvious – she’s a superlative talent, an exciting performer, beautiful, delivers a positive message, etc. I get that. I prefer her older stuff, but I’m definitely a Beyonce fan. What I don’t get is the constant stream of unsolicited lionization that’s been happening since 2010 or so. The kind of thing that makes people tag every post with #QueenBey #BowDown #Flawless. The kind of obsession that makes people say “wait, can we talk about Beyonce’s fierceness?” when asked what their favorite ice cream flavor is.



I'm just gonna….leave this here. #BowDown #NoFireworksNeeded #HalfTimeShow

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Beyonce’s halftime show was very good! Or at least, what I can remember of it. Katy Perry’s was pretty fun too, I thought. Why people jump to defend Beyonce’s greatness is beyond me. Katy Perry performing a halftime show does not mean Beyonce’s didn’t count. Katy Perry performing at halftime is not a suggestion that she’s better than Beyonce, warranting such rabid defense. You can like both, it’s ok. Or neither, or just one. What you don’t need to do is clog my twitter feed with posts about a halftime show that isn’t happening while I’m trying to enjoy the one that actually is.

It’s a good thing Beyonce isn’t, like, an evil person. One Instagram post could incite another Jonestown, if she wanted.


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