Katy Perry’s Still Waiting On An Apology From Taylor Swift, Good Luck With That

The most intense celeb feud of our time*—Katy Perry v. Taylor Swift—underwent a development this weekend. On Saturday, someone (probs Taylor) asked Katy Perry on Twitter if she would ever collab with Taylor Swift. She replied, “If she says sorry, sure!”

*Except for every other celebrity feud Taylor Swift has been in.

Katy Perry apology

The alleged beef between these two started sometime before 2014’s “Bad Blood.” Although Taylor never confirmed the song was about Katy, and although she definitely never called her up to ask her permission before releasing it, everyone deduced that the overhyped “Bad Blood” was a Katy Perry diss track. And then we all fell asleep because what did Katy Perry do that was so0o0o bad, Taylor? Steal a backup dancer of yours? Get the fuck over it and move on with your life.

Also let us not forget that around this time, Katy was responsible for one of the greatest tweets of all time regarding Taylor:

I hope you get that 2-year-old apology, Katy. However, it’s clear from everything that Taylor Swift has ever done, there will never be an admission of guilt from her end. So, don’t hold you breath. Unless you want to die.


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