Russell Brand is FINALLY Talking Shit About Katy Perry

Katy Perry has always seemed like a whiner. She and Russell Brand got divorced way back in 2012, and we heard all about it in her concert movie, which we somehow made it through despite wanting to vom. But we’ve always wondered how Russell Brand felt about his relationship with Katy, and now he’s finally talking.

There’s a new documentary coming out about him, and here’s a direct quote: “Oh my fucking God. I’m living, like, this life of the very thing I detest: vapid, vacuous celebrity.” Tbh this lifestyle sounds pretty great to us, but obviously Russell wasn’t having any of it. There’s another clip where he and Katy are walking through a crowd of paparazzi and he says “fame, power, and money is all bullshit,” to which Katy replies “I don’t want to give all this up.”

So it basically sounds like they have nothing in common, which makes it kind of confusing that they got married in the first place. But now that we think about it, they’ve probably both made lots of bad decisions, so it’s not that shocking.


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