Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Are Officially A Thing

So Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been allegedly dating since they got divorced a couple of years ago. Katy was married to Russell Brand, the cracked out Ricky Gervais who single handedly ruined the VMAs. Orlando Bloom was married to Australian supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr – ever heard of her? She’s dating the CEO of Snapchat now. Their careers have also had pretty similar trajectories: peaking in the late 2000s.

Well, they had a pretty busy Valentine’s Day Weekend. Friday was an Adele concert, where they made out in front of Tom Hanks while everyone else in the audience cried. My mental image of that is like kissing your high school boyfriend in front of his grandparents. Then they went to some Grammy’s parties where they were super coupley. Like they’re both really hot celebrities, can you blame them for PDA??

The most incredible part of this relationship is that they repeatedly call each other “babe.” Just picture a conversation between them: “Babe, did you pick up your Gucci tux yet?” “Babe, what’s your favorite Adele song?” Ahhhh mid-30s love. 


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