Katy Perry DGAF About The Orlando And Selena Rumors

We all saw the super risqué pics of Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom in Vegas last weekend and freaked out that the two hooked up. While the whole world wondered what crazy tantrum Katy would throw once she found out, it turns out she doesn’t seem to give a fuck.

On Thursday morning, Katy tweeted a link to an article about Orlando’s charity work in eastern Ukraine and said, “Instead of giving energy & eyeballs to dumb conspiracy [trash emoji], check out how cool [with two eye emojis instead of O’s because Katy is super cool] this is.” Selena even retweeted the post a few minutes later, obviously telling fans to chill with the rumors.

Friends of Katy’s have even admitted that she’s been talking to Orlando on a daily basis. Whether he hooked up with Selena or not, it looks like Katy is being way too chill about the whole situation. Is it possible they hooked up and she doesn’t care? Chances are, she’s either hooking up with someone else also, or just has an amazing publicist to cover up her private shit fits. Either way, it looks like she’s winning.


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