Katy Perry Got Sued For Her Ripoff Lipsticks

You would think this was a pretty good week for Katy Perry. Her arch-nemesis Taylor Swift was finally slain by Kim K and NBC announced her new hit the official Olympics song, but things somehow still went south for the cupcake lady with the big boobs: Katy Perry is being sued for copyright infringement.

Well, sort of. The cosmetics company Hard Candy (#tbt) is suing CoverGirl’s parent company Procter & Gamble for trademark infringement on Katy Perry’s line of lipsticks, because apparently they own the idea of putting a heart between two words. This seems like a pretty weak accusation to us, but I guess if Louboutin can trademark painting the bottom of your shoes red, this might be fair game too. Katy’s been with CoverGirl for years, so she’s probably not in any direct trouble here, but she’ll be at risk of losing the ten customers that haven’t already jumped ship and wasted their money on Kylie Lip Kits instead.

Hard Candy wants the product to be pulled from stores and get a percentage of past profits, which is cool but we probably would have asked for like, $6 million or at least a private Katy Perry concert. We can’t help it that we’re so good at business!



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