Katy Perry Can’t Help It She’s So Popular On Twitter

Hey guys, remember Katy Perry? Ya, us neither. But somehow she has managed to score 90 million Twitter followers, making her the most followed person on Twitter ever. She has quickly surpassed JBiebs, her total bff T. Swift, and Obama, but look! She doesn’t even care!

“Dang, this is tight”…….? Is she my midlife crisis dad trying to use hip lingo? 

We took a look at her Twitter to see what all the fuss was about and besides the shameless promo of her cat lipstick (ew), Katy Perry is apparently like, a really good person. She posts a lot of political and social activist tweets about Black Lives Matter, UNICEF, LGBTQ issues, and more. Wow, Katy Perry. U a firework. I guess you deserve all those followers. Follow for follow? 


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