Katie Holmes has #NoRegrets About Marrying Tom Cruise

Despite marrying Tom Cruise when he was at the height of losing his fucking mind, Katie Holmes insists that she has no regrets. In a new interview, she speaks about her past and her new life as a single mom in New York with Suri. We usually love Katie, but tbh she basically sounds like Taylor Swift talking about New York: “If you’re having a bad day, you just take a walk, and it’s not only that you see people who are having a worse day than you, it’s just that you’re in life.”

So pretty much she loves living in New York because she’s rich. She talks about how down to earth her life is, the main reason being that she takes the train everyday. So basically she’s saying she’s the equivalent of Princess Jasmine putting on a shawl and sneaking into the market so she can see the *gasp* poor people!

We’re really giving Katie too hard of a time over this, but she survived Tom Cruise, so she can handle it. She didn’t talk directly about Scientology, but we have a hard time believing that she really wouldn’t count that as a regret.


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