Kathy Griffin Makes Shitty Joke About Amal Clooney On Fashion Police

Kathy Griffin was aggressive towards Amal Clooney on Fashion Police, and she needs to check herself ASAP. Like I understand that it's a lot of pressure stepping into Joan River's (RIP) stilettos, but seriously Kathy?? You're not funny or clever or even all that bitchy, you're just a ginger with flat across bangs so GTFO. She said that the gloves Amal wore to the Golden Globes looked like “a porn scene where the guy goes home and there's the naughty dishwasher who only has the gloves” – which is a pretty obscure reference, so now we know what Kathy does in her free time.

If you're going to make unfunny, irrelevant “jokes” that reveal your zero knowledge of fashion or culture, pick somebody who doesn't literally save the world for a living (see her work for the Enron case, the King of Bahrain, human rights violations in Gaza etc). Her pinky finger has a more impressive resume than Kathy Griffin, so go take a fucking lap. Joan Rivers is rolling in her grave.


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