The NFL Just Hired a Female Coach

The NFL doesn’t have a great image, which isn’t surprising since it’s basically an experiment where they gave college athletes millions of dollars and brain damage. Whether it’s faking a concussion to get blackout drunk in Las Vegas, being arrested for having weed and guns in your car, or animal cruelty, the NFL has a PR problem. But their biggest issue is that they don’t have a great track record on domestic violence and supporting women.

Cue Kathryn Smith, the first female NFL coach – that’ll look decent on LinkedIn. She’ll be working for the Buffalo Bills, because you have to start somewhere, even if it’s for a shitty team. It’s a huge step for women breaking into professional football, where, besides the cheerleaders, it’s a total sausage fest. Congrats to Kathryn, I can’t wait to see Amanda Seyfried play her in the inevitable movie. 


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