Sorry Fuckboys, Kate Upton Is Engaged

Kate Upton and her perfect fucking body are getting married.

She announced her engagement to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander in classic fashion: By flaunting her giant boobs ring at the Met Gala.

In case you’ve forgotten, Upton is only 23. Kind of surprising for the amount of times her skimpily clad body has been plastered on Sports Illustrated, the internet, in movies, via leaked nude pictures of her with Verlander, and everywhere else you can imagine.

But no hating on Upton for throwing her single life away at such a young age. This is kind of a modern-day Hollywood romance. Despite the odds stacked against them and their awkward prom-style leaked nude photos (we’d show you, obvi, but Kate’s lawyers say we can’t), they overcame the struggle and are headed down the aisle. He even designed her ring, because that’s what millionaire baseball players do, duh.

Kate and Justin are just normal people, like you and me! They adopt puppies:

They get drunk in Napa:

They hang out with Taylor Swift:

And they sit courtside at every sporting event known to man:

So maybe not so normal, but whatever. Yay love.


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