Kate Spade Launches Questionable Minnie Mouse Line

Kate Spade just released a Minnie Mouse collection ranging from $40 to $328. It’s super sparkly and debatably tacky. Get ready to pay a lot of money to look like a 13 year-old girl!

Here’s just a few of the items in the collection:

Pretty sure I owned this in middle school, why would I buy it again?

Literally where could I wear this aside from Disneyland?

This is mildly acceptable, but only by comparison.

It’s time to throw your polka dot Kate Spade phone case in the trash! Don’t worry, though. It totally makes sense to pay $50 for a case that definitely doesn’t fit into your skinny jeans. 

Perfect clutch for da club.

This professional betch advises you to save your money for drunk pizza instead. 


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