Kate Moss Got Drunk And Reenacted That Bridesmaids Scene On A Flight

Kate Moss pregamed her flight from Turkey to London a little too hard kind of like you at your spring formal. Once she was on the flight, the flight attendants wouldn't serve her anymore alcohol because this plane was very strict.

After the injustice of being denied a mile high drink, which is the next level to being cut off at bottomless brunch, Kate did what any well-traveled super model would do: pulled out her own handle of vodka. It's kind of like how your mom always taught you to pack a full outfit in your carry on bag in case the airline lost your luggage, but if your mom was Lindsay Lohan. Kate was being resourceful, and she should've been served her god damn gin and tonic, it's Civil Rights. This is the 90s.

The flight attendants (Stove?) then escorted her off the plane when they landed. At that point Kate called the pilot a “basic bitch,” which is as close to anyone has come to saying “auf wiedersehen asshole” in real life.


This ones for you @lohanthony it was Kate's idea!

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