Update: Kate Middleton Still Perfect

You know how Kate Middleton is constantly showing how much better she is than all of us peasants? Well, in a recent interview for a new documentary for Queen Elizabeth, she really amps up the humble bragging. First, she talks about how #blessed she is to have just had a baby girl (I’m assuming she only did that to remind all of us that she actually did recently have a baby because we defs all forgot due to how skinny she is). Then, she slides in a little tidbit about how “nice” it is that the Queen always leaves the kids presents in their room when they visit her at the palace.

Like stop. Free presents? The palace? Girl, you are humble bragging so hard I can’t even right now. Like seriously, even Kris Jenner doesn’t bring Kim’s babies presents unless they do a club appearance.

But I have to say I am liking Kate’s new layered ‘do. She needed the volume—the whole one-length thing was getting a little dull.

So yes, please stop the presses, Kate Middleton is perfect and the rest of us are just trash.


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