Kate Middleton Looks Better In A Ski Coat Than You Do In A Bikini

We knew this was going to happen at some point or another. Kate Middleton proves she’s the hot friend by looking skinny AF in SNOW PANTS. How do her legs look so thin in red fucking snow pants?

But anyways, like all betches Kate and her fam went on a ski trip to the French Alps recently and released a bunch of “look at how cute I am in the snow” pics, featuring her hubby and her two babies.

How adorbs are those pom-pom hats btw? Also props on the cute, I-am-still-a-serious-skier coat, Kate.

You know I could obvs sit here and scroll through pics of Kate and William all day, but sorry I have to run to Vermont to steal that fake snowball fight pose for Insta ASAP.


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